5 Style Must Have Bags For Men

5 Style Must Have Bags For Men

5 Style Must Have Bags For Men

In the current daily life, the development of technology has made more and more necessities around us, we can't going out to work without our keys, smart phone, wallet, laptop or tablet, chargers or even earphone, that probably the one of the the reasons why bags are becoming a essentials for men.

In recent years, we can see that sales in men bags in the United States steady growth, and these gentlemen does not just buying the duffel bags and backpacks, the demands of the totes, messenger bags and purses getting bigger.

The bags are not just have the practical function, they can reflect a person's taste, attitude, or even personality, The simplest and quickest way to change dress up style is buying a new bag.


Messenger Bag

Messenger bags has been popular from messengers that traditionally used them. The design of the quick and easy way to carry it make it has a wide range of application scenarios, it will particular suitable for you if you carrying a lot of essentials on the daily to work, This type bags are expandable easily without hinder you.

Canvas messenger bags will good for matching with casual outfits, suitable for the casual work scene which has no formal dress code. And leather one will be suited for the formal occasions and business scene.



Definitely It has no problem to carry a backpack as grown man daily use bag, it just need to be the right style. Backpacks are very convenient to carry, and has large spaces to storage your stuff. Especially the one which has offer the most in terms of compartments, they even have multiple pockets outside.

Most backpacks are come with compartments for specific stuff such as laptop, mobile phone, and wallet. We recommend you to searching for a backpack with dark tones colors, it will be suitable for a wider range of usage scenarios, and won't looks like a youngster.


Weekend Bag & Duffle Bag

Both these two style bags has some basicly commonality, they are the bags has large capacity and used for packing up.

Weekend bags are stylish and convenient for short trips. They will easily fit all  the outfits you need wear on your trip, even an extra pair of shoes, if you pack them advertently. Whatever you will go to your trip by airplane or drive your car, there always has space to fit your weekend bag, because they can fit any narrow space.

Duffle bags mostly has the same purpose as weekend bags. While, they has a wider range of sizes, materials and application. You can carry it to your long trip travel, go to gym with it.



This is the classic business bag. it makes your demeanor more professional at the business occasions. Briefcases has evolved and has more choices since the square leather bags. They have everything from canvas to full grain leather. Even though they has a couple of  compartments to keep your stuff in order, but the storage space is limited, they can not expand like the messenger bags, they still perfect for carrying your laptop and a few documents.


Dopp Kit & Toiletry Bag

Dopp kits also named toiletry bag, are good accompanies on your trip, they provide a place to carry all your toiletries and tools while traveling, instead of dumping them anywhere in your bag, and keep their clean and orderly.They are usually available in canvas or leather, and accept custom your initial on them, the toiletry bag only for you.

Also this is a perfect gift idea, a wonderful gifts for your friends birthday or celebrate the anniversary.

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