Leather Bags vs Canvas Bags: Which one is the perfect for you?

Leather Bags vs Canvas Bags: Which one is the perfect for you?

Leather Bags vs Canvas Bags: Which one is the perfect for you?

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Whether you want to refresh your accessories cabinet you or you are looking for an amazing gift for someone else, a bag is always a nice and practical gift.

Choosing the correct bag, whether for yourself or as a gift, can at times be difficult. There are many factors to consider, such as style, size, colour preferences and material. This article mainly focuses on the last factor, what material is best for your bag.

Each type of fabric comes with its own advantages and disadvantages and each type of bag satisfies certain needs, while meeting some requirements and expectations. In order to help you make excellent choices for your work/travel/casual accessories department, we will talk about canvas vs. leather and try to learn which one is the perfect bag for you.

Leather Bag

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Leather as material has many plus points. It does not matter what style and size you choose for your bag, but what leather can definitely give you is durability, or in other words longevity.

It is also sturdy enough to endure all the rough handling and it doesn’t catch dirt easily.

People also believe that beauty of the leather enhances with age. Leather softens over time due to the “patina” effect and its colour also alters thus showcasing its natural glow.

A leather bag adds sophistication and elegance to your look and therefore is most businessman’s prized possession. It is the indicator of being classy and a man of taste.

But leather is more high-maintenance than canvas or waxed canvas. It absorbs stains and oils very fast – and they damage the fabric – so you need to frequently clean leather bags with dry or slightly damp cloths.

If the leather bag suffers damages from scratches, wear, and tear, you cannot simply take a needle and some thread to fix it up (as you can do with most canvas bags). Leather repairs require professionals to handle the situation and make the necessary corrections.

Besides not being eco-friendly, leather products in general are more expensive than canvas ones.

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Canvas Bag

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Now coming to canvas bags, the first benefit that comes to everyone’s mind is its light weight. Comparing to leather, it is much lighter and hence is easy to carry.

Another advantage is that canvas bags are available in a variety of shapes and styles and you can choose one depending on the purpose and the occasion you are heading for.

But the big disadvantage of canvas is that it gets wet easily when comes in contact with water. Also, it takes a lot of time to dry.

Canvas bag also attracts dirts and stains much quicker and therefore needs to be used very carefully. Unlike leather, long life of canvas bags can’t be guaranteed.

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Here at LISABAG we love both Leather and Canvas. Both hold characteristics which make them ideal for bags. Unfortunately we can’t tell you what material would be best for you, that’s something you must work out for yourself. Before heading to the market we suggest you consider these three questions:

1. What occasions will this bag be used for? Leather is generally more formal whilst canvas is more forgiving.

2. What will be its main purpose? Canvas is better at accepting extreme conditions.

3. What attire are you likely to be wearing whilst using this bag?

Once these questions are answered you will have subconsciously decided which material would be best suited for yourself. I hope this guide has helped.

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