Why Choose Vegetable Tanned Leather | Vegetable Tanned Leather VS Chrome Tanned Leather

Why Choose Vegetable Tanned Leather | Vegetable Tanned Leather VS Chrome Tanned Leather

Why Choose Vegetable Tanned Leather | Vegetable Tanned Leather VS Chrome Tanned Leather

There are several methods for tanning leather, but not all of them are the right choice for your health or environment. I will introduce two commonly used methods.

vegetable tanned leather vs chrome tanned leather


What it is exactly and why we choose vegetable tanned leather to make leather bags. 

This is the true "chromium-free" method, and does not have harmful chemicals. It is an old-world, artisanal process that takes advantage from the tannic acids naturally found in some plant species, by using the barks, branches, leaves and even some fruits in some specific techniques. The natural appearance before painted, has a slightly brownish tinge over a beige color, with a natural, woody and earthy smell.

vegetable tanned leather


This is the most popular and controversial, due to its widespread use in the fashion industry. It is effective and fast (within a few days) to produce a soft and uniform leather. The raw appearance, before it is dyed and painted, is pale blue in color and with a strong chemical smell that frequently remains in the final product. But the use of chromium salts is harmful to the human and environmental health, it is a carcinogenic, persistent and indestructible chemical. Despite being publicly recognized for these significant downsides, it is still the most used method in the fashion industry. 



Vegetable Tanned Leather

  1. Environmentally friendly
  2. Improves with use
  3. No damage to user's health.
  4. It can last severallifetimes if well cared for.
  5. Natural look
  6. Unique
  7. It is not water resistant. Water can cause splotches or marks-eventually becoming part of patina.
  8. Long production time (about two months);
  9. High consumption of water
  10. Very high final costs.

 Chrome Tanned Leather

  1. Harmful to the environment
  2. Available in a huge variety of colors.
  3. Mass Produced & Cheap
  4. The color will remain uniform and the leather will not develop a patina as fast or to the same degree as vegetable tanned leather.
  5. Plain texture
  6. Fairly resistant to water, stains and heat.
  7. Damage to health
  8. Artificial look
  9. Breaks easily


While vegetable leather is more expensive than chrome leather, its many desirable characteristics make is a great choice for the discerning leather buyer. It is more sustainable, of a higher quality and gets better with age. It provides great value for money due to its durability. It is also a fashion classic that never goes out of style.

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