Handbag Tote: Awesome for Women

Handbag Tote: Awesome for Women

Handbag Tote: Awesome for Women

So exactly what is a handbag tote? The tote is an open-top bag with long adjustable shoulder straps or lengthy handles. Some straps are longer than others but most usually fall by the waist or around the elbow.

Canvas Leather Messenger Bag Tote Bag Handbags Shoulder Bag

These types of handbags are very popular because they are so flexible and practical—perfect for casual wear. And it used to be that some women felt subconscious for carrying around a large handbag. But not any more because nowadays designers have gotten into the act since they realize that women want a large handbag.

Canvas Messenger Bag Tote Bag Handbags

Handbag tote is not just for cosmetics now. Tote handbags are big and spacious. That’s why many women opt for the tote or hobo handbag. They now need enough room to hold our cell phones, iPad, wallets, umbrella, cosmetic bag, etc. just to mention a few items that we just have to carry around. So even though totes are only one or two compartments, a woman donning a tote handbag has a lot of space in which to lug her precious necessities.

Canvas Messenger Bag Tote Bag Handbags Crossbody Bag

Popular materials for tote handbags are leather, canvas, jean, cotton and linen, combination of leather and fabric to name a few. And they come in almost any color you can imagine. Also they can custom one beautiful handbag tote following their requests.

Canvas Messenger Bag Tote Bag Handbags Leather Shoulder Bag

The handbag a woman carries is a fashion accessory that makes a declaration about her personality. So when a woman dresses, she has to make sure her handbag complements her outfit. Women make a fashion statement with their bags. And carrying the right handbag can make or break an outfit. It’s not just a receptacle to carry her cosmetics and personal items.

canvas and leather messenger bag tote bag women's fashion handbags

Remember your handbag can make or break your outfit. So make your handbag tote work for you, not against you.

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