Understanding Dropshipping

Understanding Dropshipping

Understanding Dropshipping


What is Dropshippiing?

Dropshipping is a type of business model which enables a company to operate without maintaining inventory, owning a warehouse to store their products, or even having to ship their products to their customers themselves. How it works is that the retailer partners up with a dropship supplier that manufactures and/or warehouses products, packages the products and ships them directly to the retailer’s customer, on the retailer’s behalf.

It’s your job then to promote and market the product that you are trying to sell. The customer who is interested in the product will then purchase the item through your website and pay you directly. Once you have been paid, you then pay the dropshipper their asking price, keep the profits yourself and the dropshipper will ship the item directly to your customer.


How Dropshipping Works?

  1. Customer places order with your shop
  2. Your shop places order with third-party supplier
  3. Third-party supplier prepares your order
  4. Supplier ships order directly to the customer


Dropshipping Pros:

  1. It’s easy to begin.

Dropshipping is honestly one of the most cost-effective and easiest kind of businesses to start as it requires little or no cash to actually get started. Unlike the traditional method of having to buy stock in bulk, store it, photograph it, ship it out and all the other tasks that dropshipping removes of.

  1. Saving Time and Money

The drop shipping business saves time and money because one does not need to maintain a warehouse and care about the shipping. This will be taken care of by the suppliers. One just needs to promote products and derive sales to obtain your profit. Moreover, there is no need to manage stock and inspect the stock levels. Due to these benefits of drop shipping, it is being considered relevant for those who are looking for home based business.

    3.  Minimizes risk

One of the greatest benefits of dropshipping is the fact that you can trial and test products without having to buy stock in. There’s nothing worse in business than buying a product range that hardly sells and you still have to store it which ultimately costs you money. In theory dropshipping is like a real-life market research without any risk.

  1. Flexible Location

No office, no warehouse, no employees and no hassles. Little to no commitment to a physical space means that you could be sitting at a beach, sipping on mojitos while still turning profits. All you need is your laptop and the internet.

  1. Additional time for marketing and customer service.

Having a dropshipping store means you will have you will no longer be spending time on inventory management, printing labels and shipping orders. With dropshipping you save so much time. That time you can then use more wisely to promote and market your products. Additionally, you can focus more on customer service, to ensure you retain your customers.

  1. Diversity

Drop shipping offers those interested in diverse product lines the ability to switch merchandise up without severe fiscal repercussions, which is not possible when owning a brick-and-mortar or non-drop shipping e-commerce store.

Suppose, a store owner spends their money buying products of a particular niche, and, unfortunately, it is not bringing desired results. The store owner must continue with that niche product until it gets sold out, which could take some time and money promoting said products. This may bring losses to the store owner. On the other hand, if the store owner focuses on a drop shipping or turnkey business, they will have diverse options to choose products from. If a particular product is not deriving optimum sales, the drop shipping owner can easily switch to other items.

    7. Low overhead costs.

One of the biggest reasons that businesses go under and fail is due to overhead costs. With dropshipping you can work from anywhere in the world without having to so store any inventory. You don’t even need staff to help you pick and pack orders. The only bits you need to do is market your site and keep up with customer service.



Welcome to learn about our shop’s dropshipping policy. You will be very satisfied

LISABAG Dropshipping Policy

We can firstly offer you 30% off discounts to start.

Please ask for the relevant coupon code when you achieve the right level.


  1. We can offer all our products info including high pixel photos, dimensions, descriptions, etc.
  2. For Dropship, we can ship out the order within 1-3 business days after payment received. And usually it will take about 10-20 days to be delivered via standard shipping, or about 3-7 days to be delivered via fast shipping. Maybe some more days for some remote areas.
  3. Return accepted if product not as described, or damaged, or even you and your customer do not like it.

 Our Guarantee:

  1. All our bags are made with selected full grain leather, we never make bags with second layer leather, fake leather or any other poor quality leather.
  2. We won't attach any information of our company in the bag or package.
  3. We won't directly contact with your customers.
  4. We won't disclose your information to any third party.

 Contact us at: info@lisabag.com

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