Knowing the different leather materials

Knowing the different leather materials

Knowing the different leather materials

In the industry of leather goods products, as one of the most commonly material, to a certain extent, determine the grade of the product, just like the different leather materials are identified as different grades. On the below passages we hope to introduce the  some representative of the different grades of leather to let you at least knowing basic knowledge about the Leather Materials.

First we start from the Best grade -- Vegetable Tanned Leather

The vegetable tanning course make the leather with a characteristic facade and peerless durability. One of the obvious features of vegetable tanned leather is that colors will be deeper or even changed over time with long-term use and exposure to the environment. Because of the treatment processes is for several weeks, so the vegetable tanned leather has a long life.

The organic material and natural tannin of the vegetable tanning process uses from the barks, leaves and branches of the trees and plants , this bring about the colors in earthy tones deeply to the leather, for example: brown, beige, and red etc.. and the animal leather fiber used are visible in the vegetable tanned leather, gives the special authenticity to the leather to make it particular unique.

This is a sign of genuineness that each piece product made with vegetable tanned leather, all has the special tones, nuances or even different aromas. This is not a flaw. in opposite, this is a feature of vegetable tanning courses.

Vegetable Tanned Leather Messenger Bag Handmade Men Shoulder Bag Retro Crossbody Bag

Handmade Awesome Vegetable Tanned Leather Barrel Bag Women's Fashion Handbag Shoulder Bag

Full Grain Leather

Full grain leather is one the finest quality form of the material.

It is also the toughest kind of leather, the most feature is use the strongest top layer leather. Full grain leather keeps all the grain and fibre, and requires great crafts to make a bag with it.

This leather do not sanded and buffed, keeping Integrity of the leather materials, make the full grain leather is all natural and strong.

As time goes by, full grain leather develops an ideal luster,because this leather material absorbs oils and will be smooth and shiny then the leather become tough and beautiful. full-grain leather is ideal materials for  bags,  this material bags will last for many years, and will be shiny as ages, make it beautiful that is sought after by leather bags aficionados.

Full Grain Leather Tote Bag Shoulder Bag Ladies Handbag

Full Grain Leather Tote Bag Simple Style Shoulder Bag Handbag


Top-Grain Leather

The Top Grain Leather is second-highest quality, it is thinner and also good for leather bags. which is the most commonly used leather in high-end bags,

This leather had the surface sanded and applied finished on top , it equip with the “smooth” feeling, this process will prevents stains from invading leather.

Handmade Top Grain Brown Leather Women's Fashion Handbag Shoulder Bag Small Satchel

Crazy Horse Leather

Crazy horse leather doesn't come from horses, this type of leather got its name because it is very popular for made the horse saddles, it is also known as saddle leather.

The unique and retro style of the crazy horse leather is processed by applying a special kind of wax to the full grain leather surface, it is type of the full grain leather,  the wax will enhances the fibers of the leather, protects the leather from water resistant, and makes the crazy horse leather bags durable and strong.

Crazy Horse Leather Backpack Handmade Travel Backpack School Backpack

Crazy Horse Leather Mini Messenger Bag Men Waist Bag Lanyard Bag

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