Perfect Duffel Bags for Travel

Perfect Duffel Bags for Travel

Perfect Duffel Bags for Travel

Warm seasons coming, the plan of traveling has been put up on timeline, here are the perfect duffel bags options recommended for travel or business trip.

This style bags was special designed for short-term travel, short time business trip or weekend trip. It allows you to fast pack , fast move, and keep a professional look during your trip.  

The size of the duffel bag should be enough for carrying at least 2-3 clothes and 1 laptop, or even a pair of shoes, but still remain to carry with one hand or put into the trunk of your car. And they are designed to keep as much as possible to have no excess weight.

When you choosing an ideal duffel bag, it is important to choose the materials according to where is it used.

For example. Will you going to mountaineer with it? Are you want to carry a lightweight one with you all the time with it? If yes, we recommend waxed canvas materials duffel bag for you, because to a certain extent, waxed canvas materials has waterproof function, and it is lightweight. Also you need considering the ease of Packing and Unpacking of the duffel bag, the number and design of pockets, ensure your duffel bag will help you with the greatest convenience during your trip.


But if you want to visiting a town or you need carry your duffel bag with you to come to somewhere more formal or serious in your trip, then the leather duffel bag would be perfect option. At our last article, we introduced some main leather materials, if you read that article you may have an idea about the leather duffel bag you need, on the whole, we recommend the full grain leather and crazy horse leather duffel bag.

Full grain leather, as the one of the best leather material, it is durable and strong, Crazy horse leather is more tougher, and it's appearance has the natural retro color. Both these 2 materials are perfect for duffel bag, in any occasion would be very suitable, and even you can use it as gym bag.


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